Information for Lectures: Written exams

Procedure on written exams based on disadvantage compensation in cooperation with the SZS

Within the framework of disadvantage compensation written exams are individually modified based on the student’s needs. The SZS processes them accordingly. First the students get in contact with the person responsible for the exam and clarify the modalities (e.g. written or oral exam). Based on this information they contact the SZS.
We kindly ask the person responsible to get in touch with the SZS to clarify the internal formalities (process, duration, data transfer as well as the information if the student is known at the SZS).
Please send your request to material∂szs kit edu. Your mail is read by several members of the SZS so that you will get an answer as soon as possible. Dr. Thorsten Schwarz (+49 (0)721 608 4688) is primarily responsible for the modification of written exams and tests. His deputy is Dr. Karin Müller (+49 (0)721 608 41951). Ms. Susanne Schneider supports the organisation of written exams.
Written exams are always handed over to the SZS in agreement with the person responsible for the exam, modified there and generally also take place at the SZS. (Here several aids such as Braille displays or magnifying tools are available.)
Information required:

  • Exam name resp. exam related to lecture XY as well as name and contact details of person responsible
  • Date, time and duration (disadvantage compensation resp. extra time is taken care of by the SZS)
  • Proctor during the exam (name, contact details)
  • Original version of the exam (Word, LaTeX, incl. image file e.g.) so that the font type and size, images or tables can be adjusted to the student’s needs.
  • Clarification on how the documents can be transferred to the SZS and vice versa.

Exams to be transcribed should be handed in digitally at least three working days prior to the exam date. In exceptional cases this can be handled in less time.
The SZS guarantees that no information will be disclosed at anytime and that the documents are only processed by our own employees and safely stored away.
Generally, written exam takes place at the SZS at the same time as the official exam and under the surveillance of a person nominated by the respective institute. Visually impaired students will be granted extra time (50 to 100%) based on the limitations due to their impairment, the scope and complexity of the exam in agreement with the person responsible.
Please feel free to contact us in case of questions.

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