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Orientation unit for visually-impaired pupils 22 to 24 May 2017

An orientation event lasting 3 days is offered in April or May every year for pupils from all over Germany who are in their final years of school and persons who are interested in studying, whether in Karlsruhe or somewhere else. The objective of the O-phase is to confront school graduates with all the issues of university studies under the special conditions of their visual impediment. The event encompasses intensive faculty and course advice and discussions about mobility training, halls of residence and technical equipment at home. The support provided by the SZS naturally plays a central role.
During the O-Phase the SZS staff is supported by university lecturers, student representatives, members of the student union and state welfare associations and mobility trainers. The participation of older, visually-impaired students with their personal practical experience plays a very important role.

On completion of the orientation phase the pupils ought to be able to decide for themselves if they want to go to university and feel they can meet the challenges posed by a university study.

Topics and contents:

  1. Blind and visually impaired students studying at a German university, college or academy
    Possibilities, conditions and requirements for blind and visually impaired students
    - Idea
    and services rendered by the Study Centre for the Visually Impaired Students (SZS)
  1. Mobility training for blind first-year students
  2. Living conditions of students in Karlsruhe
  3. Tour of selected lectures, institutes
  4. How to finance the individual home equipment
  5. Special service offered at KIT
    - Services of SZS
    - Working stations for visually impaired students at SZS
    - University library services provided for visually impaired students


Further information and registration (in German only):

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